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Surviving the First Year

Surviving the First Year

I can still hear his giggles. I can still hear his foot steps coming down the stairs. I can still hear him be-bopping through the house singing. But he's not here. He's 1200 miles away.

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Life is Short, Wear the Sparkles The ZigZag Stripe

Life is Short, Wear the Sparkles

I'll take being 41 over 21 any day of the week. 

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First Boy Leaves the Nest The ZigZag Stripe

First Boy Leaves the Nest

He left Texas and moved to Idaho to attend Boise State. Y'all. THIS. WAS. SO. HARD.

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Women Come in All Sizes - The ZigZag Stripe

Women Come in All Sizes

The Importance of Embracing Diverse Body Shapes I posted this on my personal facebook today. It's been one of those things that's always on my mind, especially in the world we live in today. Women come in all sizes ... short, tall, thin, heavier, different color skin ... the list goes on. In society today, some say "real women" are a size 16 and up because that's the "average" size. I call bull shit. Real women are all women. We get a lot of crap about our main model, Vanessa, being thin. Guess what, that's just who she is! She's a mom like most of us (of 4 children!!) and has the stretch marks to prove it. Just because she's a size small doesn't mean she's not real. Just as because I'm a size 10 doesn't mean I'm not real either.  Women have to start supporting each other and quit saying nasty things about one another just because someone doesn't match your style or what you consider "pretty."  We all need to be our best version of ourselves 100% of the time. If you have to talk trash about another woman you don't even know, it's probably time you take a good look at yourself and start there. Learn to love and be confident in YOU and you'll live a much happier life.  Just my food for thought for this Monday! 

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Boy Mom Life: Part 1 - The ZigZag Stripe

Boy Mom Life: Part 1

"Nobody likes a dick ..."

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The Wife Life Outside of ZZS - The ZigZag Stripe

The Wife Life Outside of ZZS

Really, PTSD? I mean, yeah, I'd noticed a difference in him but I just thought it was "part of it." 

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