Happy 11th Birthday to ZZS!

Wow, can you believe it’s been 11 years? 🎉 When folks take a stroll down memory lane, it's often the hiccup moments that grab the spotlight. I'd typically join that chorus, but today, staring down April 15th, I'm all about celebrating our wins. Let's face it, not every business, especially our cozy little boutique born in a home office, gets to toast to this kind of anniversary. We've leaped from a snug 10x10 space to a whopping 25,000 sq foot warehouse that we proudly call our own.

So, on our electrifying 11th birthday, I'm spilling the beans on our victories. Yeah, I’m going there - showcasing our "little dream" that’s morphed into an unstoppable force, all thanks to relentless hustle and believing to our core in our vision.

  • Shipped 1.3 million orders 📦
  • $68.6 million in revenue 💰
  • Employed 201 incredible souls 👥
  • Kept 35% of our fashion-forward customers strutting in style with us for over a decade 👠

Seeing all these achievements bundled together is mind-blowing! We've danced through obstacle after obstacle, each one sculpting us into the powerhouse we are today.

A heart-thumping THANK YOU to our dedicated customers, friends, and family who’ve been our rock. Your support fuels our journey in ways you can't even imagine. Here’s to making style not just accessible, but a celebration of every unique you out there. Let’s keep breaking molds, defying odds, and turning heads, together. Cheers to us, cheers to you! 🥂

#DreamBig #StyleForEveryYou #WeWinToday

Much love, 



  • Tina Wilson

    About a month ago I was searching for a boutique that had a good selection of Dear Scarlett and that is when I found ZZS. In the last month I have purchased over 20 items. I absolutely love your selection and price point. Thank you for being so awesome! #1happychic

  • Gwen Gardner

    Happy Birthday ZZS!! I found y’all at the end of the pandemic, somewhere around the first of 2021. Thanks for answering so many of my “sizing” email questions, and for having great clothes at a great price. Also, great customer service! I couldn’t believe it one day last summer when I actually got a phone call from y’all answering one of my questions. Keep up the great work and service!

  • Lisa Capers

    Happy 11th Birthday ZZS!!! I have been a customer of y’all’s for a little while!!!! I love everything I have bought from yall. Your prices are on point and you don’t brake the bank when shopping with yall!!! Thanks for all yall do for your customers!!!😊

  • Tina Hudson

    I am soooooo glad I found you guys!!!! You have THEE best prices of any online boutique I have shopped with. You have found a customer for life in me!!! It is very hard for me to not want to buy everything!!

  • Jennie Staub

    Happy birthday ZZS! I’m a recent convert (customer) and I couldn’t be happier with all the wonderful clothes I’ve received. I’ve been on a weight loss journey for the past 6 months and finding you guys when I needed to buy a complete new wardrobe (started as a 16 now a 10) has been such a blessing. Your price point is enabling me to buy lots of clothes and feel really stylish and put together without breaking the bank. Thanks for all you do!

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