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Boy Mom Life: Part 1 - The ZigZag Stripe

Boy Mom Life: Part 1

Experience the Joys and Challenges of Boy Mom Life

I get asked all the time what it's like being a boy mom. The words to describe it includes ... loud, smelly, entertaining, chaotic and absolutely awesome. We had this bright idea in our early years of marriage that we would just have all of our babies really fast. So, we did just that ... 3 boys in 4 years. So I figured that I'd give a little insight into what it's like now having almost 3 teenage boys. 

Cade is 16, Nash is almost 15 and Reid is 12. So, with that said ... our house smells. When you hit about half way up the stairs and enter into their territory you are hit with a cloud of musky boy smell. If you aren't prepared for it, you could throw up in your mouth a little bit. But have I mentioned how fun it is?! They keep me laughing that's for sure. They have the best one liners. I've decided that because I have so many of the craziest stories I'm going to write a blog for each one that stands out. So here goes part one ...

 One summer Joel was at the fire station and I was home with all of the boys. Our middle son, Nash, had some friends over. They were all outside playing in the pool and Nash decided to push in his little brother, Reid. Reid was fully clothed of course. So, Reid takes all of his dripping clothes off and just leaves them outside. The night goes on and all is forgotten. 

A couple nights later, we get onto Cade for leaving an empty box of cosmic brownies in the pantry We instruct him that when it's empty we put it in the trash. He proceeds to stand up for himself and tell us that when he came downstairs he heard "noises" from our room and split out of there quick. Ok, ok, I'll let that slide. We do tell our kids that if they come downstairs after 10pm they better have their noise canceling air pods on. LOL!

So the next evening, we are eating dinner and are all sitting at the table. We are talking about what's been going on and Joel asks Nash about pushing Reid into the pool. He asks if he was showing off in front of his friends. Nash says yes and Joel tells him "don't be a dick son, nobody likes a dick." Without skipping a beat, Cade (the oldest) chimes in and says, "EXCEPT MOM!"

Holy. Crap. I almost fell out of my chair. 

Welcome to my life of all boys. It's a wild ride. Get ready for part 2 ... 

Much love, 

Here's a cute picture of Cade, our oldest, the night he was inducted into the National Honor Society. 

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Oh my gosh!!! I would have such a hard time not laughing and might even leave the table!!!

Shirley Thornton

Love your truthfulness, I too have 3 boys!! I have not ordered from you yet but I love your clothes, just out of my size in what I like. Thank You and keep on bringing wonderful clothes to us.


Mom of 4 boys here. I can totally relate! 😂

Jacki Drolet

I came across this business online a few years ago..i fell in love with every single thing! I have followed and shared this page with jus about every single person I come into contact with! I have unfortunately come across one hardship after another my health my step fathers my mothers ive repeatedly lost people close to me. I had to move to another state after bein a fl girl all my 33…my fiancee and I have been together for 8 years and known eachother since 6th grade. I have 2 boys one will be 13 in sept. Another just turned 8 ! (Lord help me lol 😒😫 i totally get the mom of boys ordeal! Even our pet cat is a boy! Lol i feel so out numbered most days. I think I have heard it all. Serioisly. Lol its at least kept me laughing and keeps it interesting. I always wanted a lil girl sadly, i lost her close to 4 months along. I have given up on. Right pink walls ..barbies ..watching strawberry short cake cartoons and care bears lol it will forever be marvel superheros. nail appointments with a mini me. Lol i have “window shopped” for so long ..not being able to afford to shop for myself but i have sent to many others and get to see all their beautiful outfits and bling from your business. One day here soon maybe ill be able to actually purchase myself some of the most unique ..eye catching ..beautiful pieces i have ever come across 😍🤩 I admire you and your success is important and nice to see you sharing your personal family stories that you dont have to but to introduce yourself on a more personal level means a lot to us who love your shop. Shows you can over come anything..a real inspiration. By the way my name is Leslie fiancees last name the name ill be taking on soon is also Hall..and even crazier your signature looks the exact same as mine..even ny fiancee pointed it out😄🥰. Thank you for bringing in the personalization aspect with your business so many don’t get close or do that at all anymore! Everythingggg feels so cold and corporate these days its nice to come across something diff a real breath of fresh air. Again thank you for sharing you..your life your stories being so transparent. Iwill be a forever customer ..look forward to purchasing when I can get back on my feet. Kids these days arent so cheap lol and until I can purchase I’ll be living bi-curisoly through all those i refer and share your business with🥰🤩😘😍💖💙💜👠🛍💄💍💎👡👒👗

Leslie Caple

Bring back sweet memories of my two sons during their youth. Enjoy!


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