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Giving Back to the Community

We are really passionate about giving back to our community and the causes that are near and dear to our hearts. Over the years, we've learned that our community of customers and followers really enjoy knowing how we are contributing and that it's not just about selling clothes. And friend, ZZS is way bigger than us! We've been given this platform to not only help women feel confident in their own bodies, but to also bring awareness to causes that we are passionate about. Two things that we work hard to advocate for are Down Syndrome Awareness and Firefighters!


Many of you know our model Vanessa. Her daughter, Sophie, has down syndrome. Since the day Sophie was born, the entire staff at ZZS has fallen in love with her. She is sassy, free spirted and has taught us so much! The more we learned about down syndrome, we learned how much is not available to the DS community. Sophie was able to get accepted to a school program called KinderFrogs in Fort Worth, Texas. We are so excited about KinderFrogs and the foundation they are able to provide for down syndrome children before they are put into the public school system. It really is remarkable! 



This is our girl, Sophie. As you can see, she's full of sass and loves coming to work with mom!


The ZigZag Stripe Co-Founder, Joel Hall, is a retired firefighter from Plano, Texas. In 2020 he was diagnosed with PTSD from his years in the fire service. 3FTL help save his life and his marriage. Helping the mental health of first responders is crucial and we are passionate about being involved in something that hits so close to home.

Saving the Lives Of

Those Who Save Us

Pictured here are ZZS co-founders, Joel & Leslie Hall, along with Jennifer Halley (and Jester the puppy), the co-founder and president of 3FTL.