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The ZigZag Stripe .... We are a Family Business

Well hello to those that follow the blog! Today I wanted to share one of my favorite pairs of palazzo pants! These are the "Johnnie" Palazzos. Did you know that we name all of our items ourselves? It's kind of a fun and gets super interesting at times. These palazzos though are named after my dad! My dad and I both LOVE red, and he happens to work at The ZigZag Stripe. We are very much a family ran business. I may own the company, but it takes us all to run it! My mom (Susan) is the wholesale director and oversees that department, my brother (Jake) is our warehouse manager and then my dad (Johnny) also works in the warehouse and oversees our inventory control.  Then of course my husbad, Joel, he's the financial advisor. In addition to the family, we have 8 other employees in the office. I'll spotlight those on my next blog entry. Here's a few pictures of the family though ... We really do work hard and it's so much fun to be able to work together everyday. 

Now, back to these "Johnnie" palazzos .... again, my favorite. I am NOT one to take selfies but I just love this mirror in our store. (Store opens June 16th in Arlington, TX). I am a size 12/14 wearing the size large. If you love them as much as I do, grab a pair. Once a print sells out, it's gone forever!