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Getting high quality clothes to real women all around the country is a labor of love for The ZigZag Stripe. But there is a lot of labor that goes into the task, and that's where our Warehouse Crew comes in. 

Orders are brought up electronically as soon as a customer orders it. Once the order is confirmed, our runners scour the warehouse through rows of organized styles to find just what is needed. This is sent off to packing and labeling, and then is prepped for shipping through whichever mailing service the customer selected! 

The ZigZag Warehouse is located just outside of Mansfield in Arlington, right across the city limit. Doing our best to work at maximum efficiency, the crew at the warehouse has continually expanded to insure that when y'all place and order, it gets to you quickly and correctly, in the best way possible.

Our Staff...

Jake is the Director of Operations for our Warehouse. He is Leslie's brother, has been working with the crew since 2014, and has done his best to maximize efficiency throughout the Warehouse crew. He enjoys exercising, spending time with family, and visiting the beach.

Logan is the Warehouse Manager and operates with the rest of the Warehouse crew. He oversees order processing, shipping, and receiving, as well as quality control. He is also the future husband of Halie. 

Lovely Staff at Work!