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Live not Live Videos

Every day we add to our collection of "Live Not Live" videos. This is a great place to see the outfits that we put together and shop all the items shown in the videos. 

Let's Layer It Up

Every kind of cardigan, jacket, kimono you can imagine ... and we know you'll want them all. 

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We Feel You Fall

We know that the fall cool breeze will be here soon, let's see the best outfits for it!

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Sequins For Life

We all love a good sparkle. I mean, don't you? Be a little extra and shiny every where you go.

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All Aboard the Crazy Train

We love the brand Crazy Train! It's unique, fun, edgy ... all the things we love!

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Mad for Plaid

Do you love plaid? We do too, all the kinds too ... plenty to pick from!

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Smokin' Hot

Holy smokes. These outfits are too much to handle and a must-have for sure.

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Work Attire

Don't worry, we do have cute stuff to wear to work too. Need some cozy pants that are professional but feel like jammies?

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Girls Gone Wild

Calling all wild gals! We've got all the animal print you need right here!! Leopard is now the new neutral. 

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Graphic Tees & Denim Jackets

Sometimes you just need that cute, casual outfit. Have you ever gone wrong throwing on a t-shirt? We think not.

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Hot Stuff

All the items shown here, seriously, hot stuff. These are selling so fast and are what the young kids call "fire."

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Sweater Weather

Who has seen the SNL skit "SWEATER WEATHER?" Well, all of these items are perfect for that soon to happen weather!

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Coming Soon ...

I wonder what this one is going to be about?