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Throw Back Prices ... What does it really mean?

Hello faithful followers, it's Leslie here! As many of you have seen lately we've really been talking about our throw back prices. Well guess what, they are here to stay. We've reduced our prices 20-30%. Why you ask? 

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the ways of business. We sat down and did some evaluating of things and realized, it's all about keeping it simple. When I started ZZS in April of 2013, all we did was purchase from vendors and then re-sale on facebook. The first 9 months of business, we sold via social media ONLY, we didn't even have a website!! Grant it, we were working out of my 10x10 home office but, it is where we started. And one thing we don't ever want to forget are the roots we started from. 

As the years have gone on, we now manufacturer our brand, have opened 3 brick and mortar stores and have near 50 employees. Through that time, prices had changed to keep up with the ever changing costs of the business and this industry. We have also decided to bring in items that are not our brand, just to spice it up. To bring in those items that I may not want to manufacturer in high quantities but I know that our customers would love. And guess what, these exclusive items will also be released in stores as well! (maybe not the same items as online but exclusive apparel items not ZZS brand will be available in store soon as well!)

One thing I did realize though, is why does everyone need a coupon? Or discount code? Why not just nix all of that, drop the prices and not scare off the first time customer? We started this business to offer affordable boutique clothing, and that's what we are going to continue to do.

With this change, we did adjust our loyalty point redemption. It's important that we keep a healthy balance between the cost of goods and the discounts we offer, that's just the business that we are in. So doing the change of the loyalty program, it was what had to happen to be able to reduce prices. Not everyone will be happy with that, but again, we have to make the decisions that is right and needed for our business to remain successful. 

Thanks to everyone who has been rolling with the punches since the beginning, we appreciate you and look forward to what is to come! 


Find below our most recent new arrivals at our "throwback" prices!