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Spring's in the Air at The ZigZag Stripe!

The flowers are blooming, the trees are turning green with the budding of leaves, and the season is coming to life. Spring brings the grace of God's beauty and bountiful nature to us, and it's a wonderful season to get back outside, play with the kids, start up the barbecues, and start your garden back up again.

But the one good thing about spring is a whole new season to show off your fashion sense. And ZZS has you covered like always. We have a huge array of different styles that are perfect for the spring season. Let's run down a few of the things you can expect to see a lot of from The ZigZag Stripe this spring. 


C'mon, y'all, it's spring. Everyone loves a good floral design. And with the Boho trends that are hot this year, florals are especially in season to give everyone that bohemian vibe. ZZS makes prints, and once we're sold out, we don't reprint them. That means if there's a floral print that comes out this season, you'll want to grab it as soon as you can in case it sells out or you miss it. Pro tip: try to catch new arrivals within the first 23 hours, and if you use code 20offNEW at checkout, you can save 20% on any new arrival. 

Our fantastic day-to-tay tanks are ideal for the hot weather. These are some of our favorite tanks because they're so versatile, lightweight, and great for layering with other pieces without adding too much heat. We know how popular these were last year, so we're bringing these back in the near future with new, high quality fabric made right here in the United States. 

Mom Shorts are our soft, comfortable, and conservative shorts made for moms on the move. With a variety of prints or simple color tones, we do your best to make these out of the softest fabrics possible for an airy feel that still keeps you dressing stylishly while also showing off your legs. 

With that said, we want to celebrate the Vernal Equinox with a special gift to you! Save 20% off your entire order by using coupon code Spring20 during checkout!* Happy shopping! 

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*Spring20 code expires March 24, 2017.


  • Kathy Fralick: April 08, 2017

    Hoping ZZS is going to offer some of the longer shorts such as they have in the past. Love the ones with zigzags and the shorts with dots——also the solid color med to long shorts. The bright, spring colors are very appealing to me——-turquoise, Yarrow pink, yellow, orange & lime green.

  • Belinda Davis Wright : April 03, 2017

    I love your ZZS florals SO MUCH, & also love your Christian inspirational t-shirts! Not sure whether this is the place to send in ideas/suggestions, but it was all I could find, so here goes: since you’re the #bosslady of this fabulous clothing company, I think it would be so cool for you to make t-shirts that say Boss Babes on front, that we can buy (since you have so many of us loyal customers) … representing how fabulous we feel in your ZZS clothes (like we’re ALL babes). Would be so cute to have them in a pink yarrow type color, featuring a tilted crown on left side, followed by the wording in black.
    (I also sent in info about a necklace that says Boss Babes, to your customer service email address, but wasn’t sure whether you’d see that). I just think that would be one more cute hash tag for us ZZSaddicts to use … #bossbabes :D

  • Lorry Nell: March 25, 2017

    Love floral & aqua colors!!! Hoping my hubby & lids will order some for me this spring 2017!!!!

  • Ashley S.: March 20, 2017


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