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Preview of Our New iPhone App Search Features

The one thing we care about around here is y'all. And that means we want to make things as easy for you as possible. One thing you've been hollerin' at us about is the ability to search more in depth into our great catalog of clothes. 

Our Android users are being spoiled! Recently, you guys have had the ability to sort via size differences and by name and price. Clicking the triple line along the top bar of the app when viewing any of our categories allows you to search any way you like. Super convenient! 

Um, hello, what about iPhone users? Don't worry, we haven't forgotten you. Our app developers are working day and night to make sure they get that feature to you. They recently sent over a preview build of how the search feature will look on iPhone. If you want a sneak peak at how our search function will work on iPhones, check the video out below.

We don't have a confirmed date for when this feature goes live. But don't worry your little hearts, because it's coming soon, and shopping with ZigZag is going to become a lot easier! 


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