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Life Before ZZS

Well Sara - What a great question. Prior to starting The ZigZag Stripe, I actually worked in direct sales with Premier Designs Jewelry for 7 years. What an amazing experience it was!! Premier taught me so much about business, how to provide amazing customer service and how to make sure that customer relationships are number one. 

One of the neat things, I was able to do Premier with my mama too. Now, she's our wholesale director for ZZS Wholesale.

I also met Heather McGaw while in Premier, she's now my personal assistant for ZZS

It's all about keeping it personal, that was one of the things that one of the founders, Joan Horner, always spoke of. I've kept her voice in the back of my head ever since I made the transition from Premier to ZZS. Keep it personal Leslie, always do what is right and what is best ... Those words will forever be in my mind. 

This is me, Joan Horner (Our Queen Mother of Premier) and my mama. 

I loved being in Premier, it was such a life changing experience. It's what made me grow closer to my Lord and Savior. It made me really into the person I am today. It saved me when I was very lost and built me back up to be a confident, successful woman. 

When I started ZZS, I felt like I had a solid foundation on what I wanted ZZS to be about. To be more than just clothes, but a company that stands firmly in faith and treats women with respect and listens to their needs.

Here is my mom, Andy Horner (Founder of Premier Designs) and me; this was on a free cruise we earned. 

Now, that doesn't mean that we don't mess up sometimes, we sure do, as we are only human. ;-) 

I hope this gives you a little peek of my life prior to ZZS. Check out Premier's website too, you'll love what you see!