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If You LOVE a Print, Grab It or It's Gone! - #Bosslady's Tip

We have to tell it like it is, y'all! And these are just the facts: if you see a print that you LOVE, you've got to get it while it's hot. We are no longer offering prints in multiple styles. (ex. Nelly print in a pullover tunic & a basic cardigan)

Why the rush? 


The trick to small scale boutiques is that we operate things as tight as possible. We manufacture as we need, we put that online as fast as we can, and we sell out of it fast. But unlike typical big-box stores, which reprint their favorites and maintain supply, we work on rarity. 

Our prints are made right here in the USA and are very unique. But because we only manufacture a limited quantity, as soon as we run out, they're gone for good. This means that if you see something that catches your eye and you know belongs in your closet, y'all don't want to wait to see if a big sale comes along. If you wait around and they go out of stock, then you may never have a chance again. 

But don't worry your little heart, because we're here to take care of you. This is why we have 20% off on all our daily new arrivals in store. All you have to do is use the code 20offNEW at checkout to save! This code works for the first 23 hours that a new arrival is in stock, which is the best time to grab it anyway before your size goes out of stock. We also feature a weekly sale in our #bosslady Sunday Surprise, so you don't want to miss what might be on the chopping block that day.