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Featured Testimonial

Featured Testimonial

"I met up with a friend from Kentucky in Vegas. I live in Utah and had never heard of The ZigZag Stripe (I know, what a deprived life!). She walked out of her room in a really cute outfit, but I didn't say anything. The day went on, it was a Sunday and she says "Hold on y'all I need to do this right now". I look at her phone and said "what are you doing?" She says, "I need to order #bosslady's weekly favorite right now... ok, awesome I got it". She then proceeded to show me the app and say the cute outfit she was wearing was from this company. I got super excited!!! The outfits were adorable!!! She said they are all so flattering as well. That second, I downloaded the app and my bank account has cried since then (probably everyday). Being out west, I never would have heard of ZigZag Stripe so I'm so glad I was introduced because I have been so happy with the items I have bought. VERY HAPPY. Ok maybe hand washing isn't my favorite but the clothes are so worth it. Did I mention the skinnies and the cardigans are my most favorite and I want them in every color possible, please."

Ana Rodriguez Midvale, Utah

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