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This is the first time I am posting. I read all the posts daily. But I wanted to share how these wonderful clothes have helped me. See I have cancer. It started 10 years ago. I went through treatments and thought I was done. Then in June it all came back in my breast and lungs and I have been fighting for my life since. Last week we found out it has spread to my brain. 

Now this is not a pity party story. Because I've got this! But what I want people to know is I have only one breast. They removed my right breast in november with the Intention of after radiation I would get full reconstruction. I started horrible radiation treatment and could not wear a bra or anything that would rub my skin. 

So I bought my first ZigZag Stripe shirt around that time. I still needed to work. I was teaching 6th grade math. But how could I go to work with only one breast and feel confident? And that leads me to these wonderful clothes. With the versatility of layering and the so, so soft fabrics I was able to go to work everyday feeling confident and not different. My kids could not tell I had one breast and I could for a little while just be normal me.

As we got the bad news last week, I kept going back to my favorite shirt. "Let your light shine". And I truly feel finding these clothes has done that for me. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for providing me with clothes that gave me confidence to be me!

Jessica Bohanon;  Ennis, TX

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