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Featured Testimonial

Featured Testimonial

"I have battled my weight since I was in junior high. It is a never ending roller coaster journey of fluctuations and the emotions that go with them. I am back at my high weight again but am not in a low emotional place because I am able to find clothes that fit and yet are fashionable and able to make me feel pretty instead of looking like a tent.

I went in for an interview before Christmas wearing the Ruby Dobby Top and Black Palazzos. I felt confident and comfortable, and it must have shown. I was just offered the position and start on Jan 23rd. While my weight is up, I am not panicking about what I will wear to work. That's because I have a closet full of gorgeous Zig Zag Stripe clothes that will be comfortable to wear and still look trendy and professional at the same time. Thank you Zig Zag Stripe for being everything I never knew I could ask for!"

Michelle Frey;  Schertz, TX

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