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Featured Testimonial

Featured Testimonial

I found ZZS about a month after having my baby (Feb 2016). Fell in love with the fabrics and the fit of the clothing and haven't bought from other stores since! I pretty much have a full closet of ZZS now and a whole bunch of the jewelry! I have never felt better in clothing than I do now. Such flattering cuts to every piece and fits so many different body types. I've never been able to just throw stuff on and not second guess whether it looked good or fit right. Now I have a wardrobe full of things ready to go and I don't have to think about whether I like it or not! I LOVE these pieces. I am a pattern girl, so I love all the pretty patterns Leslie chooses to use for her designs! I also cannot say enough good about the customer service team. I live around the corner from the warehouse (lucky, I know) and not far from the Mansfield store and I have wonderful experiences at both. The warehouse team knows my name and they love my baby gir l who I bring in there weekly to pick up my orders (shameful, I know!). All in all, This is the best boutique I've encountered by far!!!!!

Lacey Corona;  Arlington, TX

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