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Featured Testimonial

Featured Testimonial

I first heard about The ZigZag Stripe from my cousin. She's been wearing it for years but I've always been a jeans a tshirt kind of girl. The reason behind my limited clothing choice was the fact that I was a very busty girl. Almost any shirt I wore other than a tshirt, looked practically indecent and strapless anything was out of the question. Cue ZigZag Stripe. The basic tee was a game changer for me! The modest neckline and flowing bottom fit like a dream. The flare top is another favorite of mine along with palazzo pants and skinnies. I recently had a breast reduction that has changed my life. Looking back I can't forget what The ZigZag Stripe did for me before I lost nearly 4lbs off my chest. It changed my life too. Thanks BossLady! I'm looking forward to my first strapless dress this spring/summer.

Dorothy Capistrant;  Concord, NH

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