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Fashion Refresh

Royal Fiyah Short Dress Refresh
Royal Short Fiyah Dress pictured above with (L-R) Black Blazer, Black Crochet Sweater, and Black Thermal Cardigan

One of the things that we love the most about our clothes is how easy it is to mix the old with the new to create a completely different look. We hear over and over how ladies forgot they had a piece in their closet until they bought something new and needed something to pair it with. We love how the top you bought for summer can be extended into fall by adding a layering piece to make it a little warmer. Mixing prints and solids creates endless possibilities of what you can do with your wardrobe. On Fridays we'd like to show off a few of our new items paired with a flashback piece to show just how easy it is to "refresh" your wardrobe with a few new pieces.