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Everything You Need To Know

Here's the scoop on the loyalty program, shipping and more.


Happy 2018 friends! I know, change is hard but with change comes great things. We are so excited for what 2018 has to offer us at The ZigZag Stripe. Not just a fresh year but a clean slate. Isn't that what everyone goes into a new year with? We all have those new years resolutions whether that is to lose weight, get healthy, spend more time with our family ... you name it. We all set new goals for the new year. That's what we did at The ZigZag Stripe too. 

We understand that a lot of changes at one time is hard to stomach, but sometimes it's better to rip the bandaid off and then get to move forward. That's what we did. So ... here is the scoop ...

1) Loyalty Rewards ... The loyalty program has ended. For those that had already redeemed for a discount code, those codes are still active and can be used up to 1 year from the day you received it. Whatever points that were outstanding have been removed. We ended the loyalty program due to the high value discount codes that were being used. For us to offer those kinds of discount codes, our prices have to be higher because we do have to maintain a certain profit margin to make ends meet. With removing the program and taking all the discount codes out of the picture, we can have AWESOME prices for EVERYONE. ALWAYS. For instance, our best selling skinnies, went from $35.99 to $25.99. All of that was possible by taking away the discount codes. So now, it's like getting a discount on every purchase without working towards getting one discount down the road. Make sense?

2) Shipping ... We've offered free shipping as long as we possibly could. Shipping is downright expensive. That's all there is to it. Spending anywhere from $50-$70,000 a month to cover free shipping was just hurting the company. So, we've passed on our negotiated rates with UPS and USPS to our customers. You will still receive free shipping with purchases over $100.

3) New Arrivals ... We will offer new arrivals sporadically throughout the week. Text notifications will go out to everyone on our Text Club the days that we release. 

I hope this information answers your questions. I hope you all have a blessed New Year and we look forward to serving you for many years to come!