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A New Beginning ...

Do you ever have those days that you sit back and go, how in the world have I gotten to this place?

When I started ZZS almost 5 years ago, it was so exciting, it was a total adrenaline rush to me every day. I worked out of my home office, selling clothes on facebook only. No website. No warehouse. No stores. Nada. Just having fun, picking out stuff that I thought people like me would love too. Found some fun girls to model. I took pictures in my front yard with my camera phone, yes my phone! It was a blast! I'd sell things so fast that I couldn't open UPS boxes fast enough from deliveries. I remember even sitting in my front yard while my kids played in the street opening UPS boxes, yes, in the yard. 9 months later, we grew and moved into our first office space. Things continued to grow and grow and grow ... costs and overhead continued to go up and up and up. Things started not being as fun or exciting. We implemented affiliate programs, loyalty programs, sales for this, sales for that. Before we knew it, we were making less off of a garment that we manufactured than when we would purchase wholesale to resell. What happened to just selling clothes? If you like it, it's priced right, you buy it. When did things have to become so complicated? The world we live in today seems to make things more complicated then it has to be. 

We've had people ask, my goodness, how can that be a $50 cardigan? Well, prices have gone up for made in USA garments. That's just facts and we have no plans of not offering a USA made garment. But, everyone wants a discount. Well, when you have the expenses of employee salaries, stores, utilities, supplies, postage etc you have a bottom line to meet. People call it greed. It's by no means greed, it's called keeping your business going. Keeping it where we can all have a job. I mean, don't people open their own business to be their own boss, to make the rules, to offer people something that they are passionate about but to also make the kind of living that you want for your family? Sometimes, you have to take the reigns back, put your foot down and say, we can't do things like this anymore. 

So this is my day to say, we are doing a rewind. I want ZigZag to get a new beginning, a fresh start ... I want to offer that item that right now would normally be $40 for $29 again. But with that, things have to change. I know, it's that awful word that people freak out about. But without change, you don't learn and I love to learn new things!

So, this is me being real with you. I hope you'll join me in continuing this "new" adventure with me and my family.