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What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas right?

You know, people always say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well ... for us at The ZigZag Stripe, it will be a story we will never forget. It was a long trek for us to get to Vegas for the big wholesale market called Magic. So with that said, sit back, grab a box of popcorn and enjoy the show. This story is a good one.

On Friday, February 12th, the guys (Joel, Johnny and Jake) left to drive out to Vegas. They were stocked with a ice chest full of water and red bull. They had their hearts set on seeing the country side pulling the flashy ZZS trailer along the way full of the newest and greatest clothing. Let me tell you, they were fired up. Leaving a couple of days before "the girls" was going to give them the opportunity to do a few fun "guy" things. 

Needless to say, they made sure to stop at only the best places. The first stop included a big steak and sweet tea! 

Then, it was time to get on the road again. They got into New Mexico and during the night time drive, Joel was driving (#bosslady's husband). After a weird bump in the road, they couldn't see that anything was wrong so they just CONTINUED DRIVING! Sixty miles later, YES 60, Joel looks in the mirror to realize, the light on the trailer is gone, actually, the ENTIRE FENDER OF THE TRAILER IS GONE! Yep, it gone. 

Listen here, this trailer has only been used a handful of times and the fender just flew off! Seriously, we can't make this stuff up. But don't worry, it gets better.

Holy moly. After surviving the fender, they figured, heck if that's the worst thing that happens, so be it. (This is Friday night). Well ... Saturday morning they get up bright and early to hit the road. Only about 3 hours from Vegas! Hooray! So, why not just stop off at the Grand Canyon and enjoy a little sight seeing. Yeah, good idea but no trailers are allowed so ... back to the overlook to enjoy the view from there. 

While walking back to the truck, one of the guys noticed an orange strap hanging out of the trailer underneath. They must have ran over it on the highway or something. They get under to get it and realize that it's the strap from INSIDE the trailer holding everything down. What ... seriously ... the floor had given way from the weight inside. 

Shut the front door. How is this happening?!?! Well ... needless to say, all their fun they had planned didn't happen. They instead go to our rent house and visited the local home depot and replaced all the flooring inside the trailer. Wow. They survived though. Made it to Vegas, got to our rent house and were ready to take on Sunday setting up the structure of our booth at market. We were all pumped, over the roof excited about all the possiblities. 

Sunday comes ... the guys get to the convention center, after being told everything wrong on set up, finally make it into the building and headed to our booth. YEAH! Oh no  ... what ... wait ... is that really another company set up in our booth!??! Holy guacamole it is. Two hours later our booth is clear and the build begins!


Now, back in Texas the girls are leaving and flying out to Vegas to meet the guys. It includes myself (#bosslady), Susan (#bosslady's mom and wholesale director), Halee (Wholesale Assistant) and Heather (#bosslady's assistant). Woohoo! We are walking right on the plane, no bags to check because we sent them with the guys. But ... I have to get my crew of 3 kids and a dog taken care of first. This is what the back of my Tahoe looked like just trying to get my kids and dogs somewhere for 3 days. Really?!? Is this what I signed up for?! And yes, that's a dog in there too. :-) 

Man, after getting my crew where they needed to be, we were ready to fly high in the sky! Well, come to find out, this was Halee's first time to fly so it was fun! 

After that we enjoyed some fun in Vegas ... an awesome market, yummy dinners and a little Vegas crazy! Halee even enjoyed a little time in the house's massage chair. 


Oh, and while we were there ... we may or may not have shopped for some new shoes. ;-) 


And that my loyal friends, is how we do it. It was a trip that we will never forget! 

Thanks for reading! #bosslady



  • Tammera: March 08, 2016

    Random Question: Are the shoes above personal purchases or are some of those beauties going to be joining ZZS??

  • Amy: February 25, 2016

    Poor guys! Glad it all worked out and wasn’t worse! Funny read though. ?. No doubt ZZS made a lasting I,press ion everywhere y’all went! Lol. And those boots!!! Ohhh myyyy-lanta!! Bring it on!

  • Courtney: February 25, 2016

    What a wild trip! But those new boots make it all worth it ?

  • JULIE: February 25, 2016


  • Samantha: February 25, 2016

    Loved the story!!! Not the circumstances!! Glad y’all all made it ok and powered through! Love this company and all of the personalities that go along with it!!!

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