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The ZZS Admins Takeover 2015!

As a THANK YOU for all of the work they do, Leslie arranged for the 5 admins from The ZigZag Stripe VIP Facebook Group to come together in Arlington, Texas for an end of the year celebration!!

The lovely ladies of ZZS ascended on the home of Leslie and her family late Thursday & early Friday for a fun filled weekend of sass & style! The ladies bonded over breakfast and finalizing their Friday fashions before heading up to The ZigZag Stripe headquarters in Arlington, Texas! 

Upon arrival they were given the VIP tour of the warehouse and store, meeting the staff and selecting some signature ZZS looks along the way!  


They even assisted in packing orders AND if you find a note from one our admins on your packing slip, post a photo of it on The ZigZag Stripe VIP Page so we can send you a $10 gift card!


After lunch with Leslie, the ladies headed off for their hotel to prep for The ZigZag Stripe Annual Christmas Party in Downtown Fort Worth!! 


The admins will regroup with the staff of The ZigZag Stripe for a festive evening of celebrations & libations - AND of course everyone will be adorned in the latest ZZS!