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The Nitty Gritty: Ask Your Questions

Hello ZZS friends! It's been a while, but we are back to bloggin.' 

We are going to go back to how we used to do it, having our followers submit questions they want answered about the ZZS life .... whether it's about business, motherhood, managing both ... you name it. The ZigZag Life is definitely an interesting one to have and I'd love to give you a little more "Behind the Scenes" by answering your most interesting questions. 

So comment below with the questions you'd love to have answered. Until next time ...



  • Anita: April 05, 2015

    Let us get to know more about your curvy model. We don’t see her enough. Can you,have her do a video of her hair like the skinny one did a while ago.

  • Tanna: April 04, 2015

    Did you always want to design your own clothing? When did you take this first step?

  • Kimberly Madrid: March 29, 2015

    Where do the prints/fabric you choose come from? How do you decide what people may want the most?

  • Amanda: March 29, 2015

    What has been your favorite print? Favorite style? Best seller? Has there been anything that bombed?

  • Melody Alvarado : March 29, 2015

    What is the most rewarding and the most difficult part of running your own business?

  • Kevin: March 29, 2015

    tell us about your staff!

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