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The Nitty Gritty On: Friends and Employees

How many people are in the company? Is it all family or both family an friends?!

Shaunda McLeod

Well let’s see … we have me (Leslie, aka “the boss lady”), our “financial advisor” (that’s my husband, he just gets a big title because he pays our bills and tells me how much I can spend to shop!), Heather (she’s the one that puts me in my place) her official title is VP of Operations. She’s pretty much me when I’m not in the office, she has her hand in it all. We have Yesenia, she’s our marketing and social media guru (she’s the one that handles all of our FB, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) and the one that helped us grow by leaps and bounds! We have Hillary, she's our pulling and packing queen. She spends her days looking at everyone’s orders and packaging them all up nice and neat for their arrival to YOU! We have Gabby, she’s our newest addition, she processes all of the orders for shipments. So, she spends her days printing hundreds of postage labels!! And then we have good ‘ol Valarie. Where has she been my whole life?! This girl has some amazing work ethic, she runs our customer service department currently so she’s the one that responds to ALL the emails we get every day, she’s also on our live chat …. oh yeah, she’s the one that you get on the phone too! Yep, she’s that awesome. Oh and did I mention, she handles receiving all of our new product too! Lots of counting she does! We also have Vanessa, she’s our always model. She’s in the office 2-3 times a week for photo shoots depending on how many new arrivals and samples we have arriving from our manufacturer. Last but not least, we have very small minions that also run around the office occasionally, which include my 3 sons, (Cade, Nash and Reid) and also Yesenia’s daughter sometimes (Brianna) and then Vanessa’s kiddos (Addison, Ellie and Regan). So yes, it’s like a zoo at times!


Were you all friends before you started the business? How has business affected your friendship?
Shara Preston

When I started this shendig, it was just me, my cat and a 10x10 room in my house. ;-) It wasn’t until about 9 months into the start of ZZS that I hired Heather. And let me say, she is my saving grace! That girl, she knows me nearly as good as my husband. We were friends before her starting ZZS and had known each other for a few years. We have become even better friends because of ZZS for sure! My kids were in her wedding, as the cutest “security” known to man. We hang out on the lake outside of work and my boys adore her and Mr Kevin (the husband to Heather). All of our staff we have found just from job postings and such. And I must say, our staff ROCKS my socks off. They are such hard workers and I am so thankful for them every day.

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