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The Nitty Gritty on: How I do it all and what my Husband thinks

How do you do it all? Fire wife, mother, owner, designer. Do you sleep???

Amber Blalock

What didn’t you know?!?! I’m superwoman! Duh! … Truthfully … how do I do it? By the grace of God. The good Lord has blessed me with the best husband and the best staff. Being a mom and wife always comes first, everything else is just the icing on the cake. The days that daddy is at the fire station, I get to be mommy! During the summer we sleep late and they all go to the office with me! This fall will be the first time that all of my kids will be in big school. Our baby Reid starts Kindergarten. Then, when daddy is home, he does all the fun stuff that boys like to do while mama works! Plus, the joys of owner, is I can work from home or on the go when I have to. Oh and as far of sleep? It’s overrated. I can sleep when I get to heaven! :-)

p.s. It’s currently after midnight as I type the answer to this question, so again, sleep is overrated.

I would love to know what your husband's think of your business??? I'm sure your personal closet is huge! Is it taking over the house?!?!
Jen Watson

Well, I must say that my husband is pretty much He’s my biggest support, my biggest critic and definitely keeps me in line. He knows my thoughts before I do most of the time. He keeps me grounded when I’m overly excited and I truly couldn’t do this without him. My personal closet? Well let’s just say that I have extra rolling racks in my bedroom in addition to a walk in closet … and yes, it’s all ZigZag! :-)

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  • Courtney Mathews: August 06, 2014

    I was wondering how you selected or found the ZZS models? Have you thought about adding a size medium/large size model?

  • Wendi Dozier: August 05, 2014

    I love your site. Your style is soooo me!!! Everthing I have had the pleasure of seeing is just beautiful. I need a 2x or 3×. I was wondering if you will ever offer
    Extended sizes? It would probably
    Be easier for you to make large
    Sizes than for me to lose weight.
    Although I need to.
    So nice to see you and your
    Beautiful family. Love what you

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