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The Nitty Gritty On: The models not being the owners

Are the models the owners?
Cindy Roberts Broadway

Nope! They are the face of ZZS though and I appreciate them so much! Aren’t they just gorgeous!!! Both Vanessa (the one with all the tattoos!) and Erin have been modeling for me since summer of 2013. I just adore them both, they are such kind gals with big hearts. Vanessa is a stay at home mom/model/blogger (I’m sure you’ve read her ModeinglMommy blog we have! And Erin, well we love that we get her so much during the summer because once school starts, back to teacher mode she goes. Yes ma’am! She’s a 6th grade teacher! Big props to her!!! Then our newest model is Gabby and she's always in the office because she also handles order processing. Yes, it's very convenient having a full time model in the office!!


Do your models get to keep the clothing they model? If not do they get a discount on purchases?
Melissa Adams

Our models don’t get to keep the clothing they model since they model EVERY piece that comes through the door! They are paid employees so they receive a paycheck but also receive the employee discount (50% off) when they do purchase. Many times, their paychecks are all spent on clothing though! LOL!!

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