Our Very 𝗙𝗜𝗥𝗦𝗧 Employee

Heather McGaw, well back then it was Heather Reynolds. We have a really interesting story us two ...

Back in 2011 ...

I actually met Heather back in 2010, I think. Before ZZS I was a rep for Premier Designs Jewelry. It was a direct sales company that did home parties. I did that on the side while I stayed home with the kids. I met her at a party and then she joined my “team” and started selling jewelry too. We became great friends. 

One thing many people don’t know about Heather is, well, she HATED other people touching her and especially being hugged! Well, she became part of a group of gals that all we did was hug every time we saw each other. 😂 We got her over her fear quickly. 

After spending about 7 years selling jewelry, I was needing a change of pace. So, that’s when I opened ZZS, April 2013. So when I made that jump, Heather actually helped model a few things here and there. She was a nanny at the time as well so she’d help me out when she could. In December of 2013 I actually hired her as our very first REAL employee. We had our own little office in downtown Mansfield. We had two 10x10 offices, one was for our office with our computers and such. The other 10x10 room was what we’d call our “warehouse.” We thought we had hit it big!!! We were working 9am-3pm every day! 😂😂😂

Our cute little "warehouse."

She was with us for a few years. Got married and then had her first baby girl, Shelby Ray. After that, there were a few bumps in the road. At the time we had no idea she was suffering from post partum depression for quite some time. We had a falling out and went our separate ways. 

This is her sweet Shelby Ray, she's 5 now. 

Throughout that time while she was away, there would be times I would tell Joel, “man, I wish Heather was still here.” It’s funny how God works. He knew what he was doing.

Then one day I told Joel, “I’m going to reach out to Heather and see what she’s up to.” It didn’t take us long to fall right back into where we left off. A few months later I asked her if she would be interested in coming back to ZZS. We had a heart to heart and really laid it all out on the table. Glad we did. It has made our friendship so much better!

So, in February of 2020 I offered Heather a job back with us at our Operation’s Manager. Now, the rest is history! We are moving and grooving like we never skipped a beat. 

I love knowing that we are building a team of badass BossBabe’s. Heather is a go-getting, team motivating kinda boss. She’s really killing it and I’m so proud of her! 

Again, just kicking ass and taking names around here at ZZS. 


Much love, 


  • Ann Cox

    What a beautiful friendship! Thank you for sharing the story. Bless you both for rekindling your relationship.

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