Guess what's BACK <<<

Hello friends! We've been asked about seeing our tag in a few things lately and YES, we have some items that are OURS! We've actually been doing it for a while but you knew it as EC Collection. They are the manufacturer for us and in the fall when we put items into production, we decided to throw our tags on them. 


This does NOT mean that everything will be ours, we are just doing a little bit to mix in to all the other brands. But sometimes, we just need to make our own so we can guarantee a restock and pick the colors and fit that we want!

I hope you enjoy! We put a lot of hard work into making sure that all the items we get are 110% fabulous. 

Much love, 


  • Lesly

    Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️. I’ve actually only purchased and received one purchase from you so far and that was back in Nov 2020 I do believe. As I couldn’t sleep tonight and scrolling Facebook and your site came up again, I decided to browse on over, so glad I did. I’ve actually seen your message about the new land for the warehouse Praise God for that and where you shared about your lovely ladies. I didn’t realize until tonight the details about your business. I honestly thought it was 2 ladies running a small business (which is absolutely amazing in its self) I’m an independent business owner of one small business and then I’m CEO of a small family business. So, as women business owners I salute you and congratulation you for all your hard work and sleepless nights. I love the fashion you offer to plus size beauty’s as I’m sure your aware it’s hard finding fashionable clothing that doesn’t make someone like me in my 40’s look like I’m in my 80’s (no offense to my grandma lol) but be able to dress with confidence, class and be fierce. So boss lady you are #Rockin

  • Cheryl

    Awesome! Always loved, loved, loved your own ZZS brand!♡

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