From 3 to 1 ...

There are highs and lows to owning and running a business. Over the last nearly 8 years, the hardest position to fill is our modeling position. We've been blessed that Vanessa has been with us since 2013. Yep, she's in it for the long haul with us. PRAISE THE LORD!! 

As many of you know, Rebekah is pregnant. She's due Valentine's Day. She's officially gone on maternity leave not because she can't model but because she drives a 3 hour round trip to get to ZZS. Talk about dedication ... we just love her for it too! You know you love your job when you're willing to do that. In the next month or so, get ready for the debut of baby Odis! We can't wait to squeeze his little cheeks. 

Unfortunately, this past week our newest model, Kass, decided to pursue other avenues and is no longer with ZZS. We were sad to see her go but I understand, ZZS isn't for everyone!

So, we went from three models one day to ONE! Thank goodness we've survived with one before. So, we are on the hunt. We'd love to find a plus size model (remember Erin, she's still around just super busy being an awesome teacher and mama to 18 month old twins ... we get her during the summer time.) but it's very hard to do, we never have any apply for the position. 

Modeling isn't just applying and getting the job. It's a hard search. The biggest part is that you have to be really photogenic! We don't filter. We touch up the color and that's about it. You also have to be great on video! You would be surprised how many women send us these beautiful selfies but they are full of filters and of course, you're always more confident by yourself! When you get in front of the lights and a photographer ... we get sweaty palms and weird hands. Because, nobody EVER knows what to do with their hands. Seriously. It's a problem! LOL!

So, if you know someone that is really photogenic, loves to do videos and isn't afraid of makeup, big hair and red lipstick .... send them my way. They can email and include a picture and why you would be a great fit for our team!! 

Chat soon, 


  • Kilie Masonry

    Thanks for the email this morning that gave me this link to click. I was wondering what happened to the models. I just send my email in with my photos. I can’t wait to hear back from you.

  • Genelle Thomas

    I found you thanks to Facebook. and I feel like I’ve become a junkie!! Vanessa is so stinking cute, but I have noticed that they rest were missing… now I know! Love me some ZZS in TN!

  • Dawn Burkheart

    I have been buying your clothes for a few years. I love them and if I don’t like something on I send it back. You all are great!❤️

  • Vicky

    I was wondering what happened to the other ladies! I am sure Vanessa makes this job look easier than it is! Good luck on your models search.

  • Carol Ness

    Love your personality, dedication to your business and how you really are a family with your girls. Keep up the good work. Have to say that my 14 year old grand daughter thinks her Nana is the bomb in her Zig Zag clothes! 😍

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