Black Friday vs Gallbladder

Black Friday is like the superbowl for retail. So much goes into it with the hopes of the return that you've always dreamt of. This year, we decided to do "Black Friday Week." It all started on Monday. It's go-time. Then, my gallbladder had other plans. With extreme pain, I ended Monday afternoon in the ER and within a couple of hours was admitted to the hospital for surgery. 

All I could say was: What the f*ck. Seriously, of all weeks, out of 52 weeks of the year my gallbladder had to shit on me THIS week. In addition to me ... my main gal that's the boss when I'm out (Mel) had a sick baby at home and my model (Vanessa) was also in the hospital with her daughter, Sophie. So let's just say, WINNING! 

But, let me tell you something. We've been in business for 8 years, and in those 8 years we've been building and molding ZZS to be more than just a "mom and pop shop." We've in the last 2 years have been very serious about growing leaders and building our staff to be confident in what we've taught them. We've been building ZZS to be bigger than us. Bigger than me. Bigger than me and Joel. This week, this awful, dreaded hell week showed us that we are doing that. Our people kicked ass and took names. It's like a proud mama moment to see your team being confident and running the show. As much as wish I was there, I'm glad I wasn't. It not only showed us that what we've been working towards is happening but it also showed our managers, supervisors and associates that they CAN do it. 

From the start of Black Friday to the end of Cyber Monday, we received 9,000 orders and a half of million dollars in sales. Thank you, thank you for supporting our small business. You are supporting 30 different employees and their families.  I share this, not to brag, but for you, as our customers to see that your support is putting food on the table for real families. That we are here, working hard for you, even if it is to make your outfit choices easier every morning. But also for those that have a dream of starting a small business. Put in the work. Put in the grind. You'll always feel like you are running uphill, in the snow, during a hurricane but it is worth it. 

Now, 5 days post-op, I'm on the mend feeling much, much better. Looking forward to wrapping up the year nearly doubling in growth from last year. We have so much to be thankful for, so much to look forward to and so many goals for 2022. We can only say thank you to our biggest fans and supporters, but know we will never stop saying thank you. We couldn't do it without you!

Much love, 


  • Regina Sarabia


    I hope you are healing well. Healing prayers for you and the babies of Mel & Vanessa.

    Thank you for doing ALL that you do! I’m in love with all the clothes that ZZS is my #1.
    You have an amazing team that keeps me going with the most beautiful peices that I often get compliments on and of course I inform them of your website!

    Happy Holidays!
    Loyal customer ;)

  • Rhonda Foss

    Love this boutique!!

  • Kathy Soule

    You guys rock! Best run online boutique I have ever bought from. Congratulations and feel better soon.

  • Pam Lewis

    I have started buying from your site for about a year !!! I love all your clothes and and am addicted to all the new clothes I see daily .
    I tell everyone about your site when they compliment me on my attire .
    I wish your whole team healthy and happiness!

  • Jeri Noble

    I am so sorry, I was wondering how you were doing not knowing of the others❣️ so glad you are on the mend hope those sweet babies are better also. Love my clothes and keep doing what y’all are doing! Merry Christmas to you all❣️🎄⛄❣️

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