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Texas Blizzard 2021

Can you believe it? Texas had temperatures colder than Alaska. Listen folks, we are NOT ok. Texans are freakin' out left and right. Not because of the cold, frigid temps but because all of our infrastructures can't handle it!! 

We went days without electricity. Many still without in our area. Our house INSIDE got into the 30's because we didn't have electricity for so many days. Our pool, destroyed. Cracks and busted pipes everywhere. But, we're surviving. Taking it day by day. We ended up spending the night at the warehouse because it got electricity back before our house did! The craziest thing is that it was a -4 this week and will be in the upper 60's next week. For real, not even kidding on those temps. 

It's been wild but I'm happy to say that most of our staff is back to work today (Thursday, Feb 18th) and it's slowly creeping up to about 30-32 degrees today. By Saturday we will be in the 50's so all this mess can melt and we can get onto spring! 

Please know, that we are working as fast as possible to get orders out. We've been out of the office for 5 days shipping nothing. We have nearly 5,000 orders to get out. We will be working this Saturday shipping as well but keep in mind, even though we are shipping it's going to take some time for USPS to get caught up as well. PLEASE BE PATIENT! There's no need to call and be ugly to our customer service gals. We are doing the best we can with the situation we've been given by good 'ol mother nature. 

For those that have experienced this winter blizzard ... anyone else tired of experiencing all of the historical events for the past year? 🤣

Pretty sure the only ones that enjoyed playing in the snow were my dogs.

Again, thanks for your support and your patience as we navigate through another wild situation nobody was prepared for. 

Much love, 

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  • Tina Elkins

    Right Leslie that storm was crazy, we went for 5days without electricity and water and our water situation was even longer as we had a busted pipe and it took out our hot water heater also, and then trying to get a plumber out to fix the problem was even crazier,they were overloaded. with people needing them I think it was about 2 weeks then it finally got fixed I haven’t been able to shop as it took time playing catch-up with everything going on but slowly getting back on our feet. I thank god for taking care of us as he does and keeping us safe through the whole situation, amen. I’m in north Texas and hope nothing crazy happens as tornado season is here, I will keep everyone on my thoughts and prayers oh and another thing is I don’t ever want to be that cold again. Lol, Love y’all Tina

  • Brynn McDaniel

    Prays for you and your family during this trying time. Glad you, your family and your business are safe! Family comes first, and most definitely your safety!

  • Lashandra WEST

    Definitely continuing to pray for all of yal. My most favorite shop 🥰

  • Mitzi Hutchens

    I am a Texan, North of Austin and this winter storm was a historical moment for all of us especially with the infrastructure not being in place. You guys are great and family and health is #1 so I am sure everyone will understand the delays. #SNOVID2021 :)

  • KatzNC

    Praying for TX – Lord help, I have a lot of friends there. Phew, you’re not lying, it’s not easy for them right now. Keeping everyone in prayer and hope all stays safe. Keep warm! As far as shipments…… well everyone should be patient and understand. Being ugly doesn’t help the situation and honestly people need to be understanding and have compassion. You guys take care!

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