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4 Months to Go

December of 2020 we purchased a piece of property to build our very own warehouse. Now, we are 4 months away from our new warehouse being completed. This feeling is so surreal. 

We got our outside walls almost complete and it's really starting to move now. I had no idea building a commercial building we be such a long, in depth process. We outgrew our current warehouse months and months ago. Thankfully, we will make it through this last fall "busy" season. This new warehouse is 4X the size that we are currently in, so yeah, we need it a little bit. 😂

Joel and I were at the new property tonight, just daydreaming of what will be. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. When we started this gig 8 years ago from our spare office in our house, we were just looking to supplement my income and maybe make a little extra to better our family. Man, I would have never thought that we'd employ over 30 people and be helping support other families.

Next year is going to be game changer for ZZS and this new warehouse is going to give us the room we need to scale to the next level. Hang on tight ... ZZS is growing! Year to date we've had 150% growth from last year, I can't imagine what we will be able to do when we have space. I have so. many. ideas. y'all. 😍😍😍

Thanks for all the support of our business. We couldn't do it without our faithful supporters. 🙌

Much love, 

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  • Johannah

    As a long time customer, I enjoy watching the growth and changes ZZS has gone through and cannot wait to see where you go from here. Congrats to all of you for the success of this small business.

  • Christell Schnell

    So thrilled to see you grow! I am a loyal customer and LOVE your clothes! I need to clean out my closet to make room for all the ZZS I’ve purchased! I don’t know who the buyer is but they are fantastic at picking out styles and the model, Vanessa is phenomenal. She is so bubbly and awesome at describing the clothes. I absolutely LOVE her!!

  • Kathy Fralick

    Many congratulations to Leslie, Joel & ZZS! I’ve been a loyal customer since almost from the beginning. I have enjoyed watching your business grow! I really like the fact that the boutique offers something cute, stylish and affordable for all types of women———small, large, young & older!

  • Dayna Leonard

    I ordered a couple of items when I first saw the site and they were such good quality clothes and great prices for so many nice pieces
    I have been so excited that y’all are now making it so that we can order the look all at once I really like that and your more likely to sell a lot more stuff that way and I prob won’t order from anyone else now b/c y’all have it all!!!!! And I have had a few times I’ve needed to talk to someone and I have talked with Sidney and she has been so kind and helpful. Thank you so much ❤️




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