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Guilty (and innocent) Pleasures

Hey Lovebugs,

Long time, no talk...sorry! Life- ya know? A few of you sort of called me out on how I have alllready slipped on this here bloggity blog. Keep it up- I need that sometimes. I swear that I am the poster-child for adult ADD. I get so many things started that I just sort of forget what all I have going on. The rambling...see what I mean?! 

Anywho. I thought I'd hit y'all up with some of my guilty (and totally innocent) pleasures tonight.



First up- my name is Erin, and I have been totally sucked in by the Bachelor. UGH. I avoided it for SO long...but in a moment of boredom, I watched one episode and now I just. can't. stop! I seriously find myself thinking about the silly show and wondering what will happen this week. I am totally convinced that Tia will be the next Bachelorette. That would be one wild season!

Second- I am totally addicted to comfy clothes. I mean seriously- as I am earnestly talking to my TV trying to convince Arie that he sent the wrong girl home, I am cuddled up on the couch in my ZZS joggers and Best Day Ever baseball tee. Does it get any better? I'm going to include a picture if you promise not to laugh at my drowned rat, rainy day dismissal duty hair, and zero make up self. Keepin' it 100% over here, y'all...

Seeing that I am SUCH a fan of the "loungewear" feel, I HAVE to spread the good word about this heaven-on-earth dress. For real, throw this baby on and it looks like you've worked hard to be "put together" for the day. Only YOU will know that it feels like you are still in your jammies. #WINNING


Okee doke, there 'ya have it. A few of my guilty pleasures! What are some of yours?

Have a LOVELY week!




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